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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Alternative Peking Duck Dish

I found frozen smoked duck breasts by 'Tasty Bites' while browsing along the fish fingers section at the supermarket one day. And a lightbulb came on. *ting!* I wanted to try having it in peking duck style!

Here are the ingredients :
  • Smoked duck, grilled in oven on high for 10 minutes (there were 3 in the box! A good buy) Or if you just want a piece, you can get from the deli section at Cold Storage & NTUC.
  • Master Chef brand crepe (thaw and ready to eat)
  • Sliced cucumber and spring onions
  • Hoisin sauce with sesame oil, a little hot water and sugar are added to taste

 And ta-da!! You've got yourself a smokin' full flavored alternative to peking duck.

*Advise : the smoked duck is a little salty to my liking so do mind the sauce intake.
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. That looks super yummy and easy to do.. will look out for the ingredients and see whether I have time to try it after school holidays.

  2. That picture with the lightbulb, very cute.... HAHA!

  3. I cannot tahan your TING! photo!!!! Makes me LOL in the living room, alone @ 7.20am, TSK lah u!

    Is it nice? I want to try but I'll call u to ask where to get the quack quack :P


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