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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surviving as A SAHM

I was never prepared to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).

Prior to my staying home, I was enjoying my 5 years working as a secretary to a CEO with an offshore bank. The pay was good and perks even better than I ever imagined. But a change in the course of my career made me decide to be a temporary SAHM until my baby turns 18 months of age - old enough for me to send him to childcare. "ONLY for a short period", I told my husband. 6 months later and another baby on the way, we decided I could stay put on my role as a SAHM. Albeit tough to rely on just one income.

When the kids were young tots, days were tough especially when the man travelled overseas for work frequently. Not physically having another adult in the home to share my woes during trying times broke me down many times in the night. I was tired yet I couldn't have a proper rest. 

We didn't have any domestic help and visiting the toilet without closing the door for privacy was impossible. I kept my eyes on them all the time. There was no break. Depression loomed over me but I am glad I could talk it out with good friends who inadvertently saved me from it.

One of those days when the kids were missing their daddy who was travelling - we took self shots to send to him via email to show him we are coping well at home. I didn't want to him to worry for us unnecessarily.
It's already been 12 years since my decision to be a hands-on mum. There have been ups and downs in the course of my SAHM journey, but really, the joy of having these two little people in my life far outweighs the obstacles that we have stumbled upon.  Watching them grow, enjoying the milestones in their lives and constantly molding them to be who they are today, are PRICELESS.

I still face a lot of adversities in the home front but this is part and parcel of the life of a SAHM.  We tackle almost every detail of our children's day-to-day affair. We don't "shake legs" contrary to what some childish people think we do. As the kids are older now, I am able to find some me time when they are at school - to pursue my interest in jewelry making, spend time with my mother and re-connecting with friends over brunch. Something I've missed out during the earlier years caring for my children.

At the end of the day, the bonuses I get are not monetary. The hugs and kisses from the kids assures me that I made the right decision to stay at home for them. To be there for them. Worth it? Definitely YES!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. Your post made me wanna be SAHM!!


  2. Love this post! and the pix! :) Love love love this post!!!

  3. You are doing a great job Adeline!! Kudos to you efforts in keeping the house while taking care of the kids and pursuing your passions.

    1. And same to you Dom! You have three. Cannot beat x 3 of that stress you may have. :p

  4. Totally agree with u...it is tough to be a SAHM and there is so much so much to do at home and minding the kids. But u have done extremely well these years as a SAHM. All that sacrifice of not having a stable job, good salary is worthwhile. Nothing can take back the time lost not spending time with our kids and the bond we have.

    1. I agree with you too Rachel! Kids grow up so fast. Sometimes I wish I can turn back time to be with them at the moment again. :) thanks for your words of encouragement! Likewise for you too!

  5. So inspiring! I'm sure the sacrifices were well worth it!

  6. TOTALLY agree with you Adeline jiejie!~!!!

  7. I salute you , Mama Adeline!

    12 years!

    I have sooooooo much to learn from you.

    I can totally empathise with the 'depression looming'. I got that a lot in my early years.

    Now i just have to deal with the 'tantrums' i get when the house gets WAY messy. LOL....but that is really ME having to undergo more WIP.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring and courageous journey!

    And thank you for linking up!


  8. wow! 12 years! i have the same thoughts as you back then. i'm thinking of heading back to do some part time work when my youngest is old enough to go into childcare at 18 months old. but i'm not sure if i really would!

    you do inspire me a lot. staying home for your children, and running your own business online... i have a lot to learn from you! :D


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