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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meal For 1 - Pan Toasted Bread with Sardines

If you like roti john, you would probably appreciate this very easy pan toasted bread with sardines that I make every now and then for my lunch alone moments at home. This can also make a very delicious breakfast or afternoon snack. Best of all, you can also replace sardines with other meat fillings, like minced meat and I think, corned beef will be great too!

Preparation time : 5 minutes  Cooking time : 5-8 minutes  Serving : 1

Ingredients :
- 2 pieces of sandwich bread, which I cut into long rectangular pieces (or use french loaf)
- 1 piece of sardine from can, in tomato sauce base
- 1 small onion, chopped or thinly sliced
- 1 egg
- spring onions (optional)
- butter (optional)
- pepper to taste

Method :
- take out the centre bone from the sardine, and mash the sardine in a bowl. You could take a spoonful of the tomato sauce from the can for added taste, which was what I did.
- add in the onions, egg and spring onions. Give it a good mix.
- Heat up your frying pan and add enough oil to pan fry your portion.
- Butter 2 sides of the bread (this gives the bread a little crisp on the other side), before dipping one side of the bread into the mixture.
- Place it face down on your pan. Press it down with your spatula.
- When brown, flip it over to the other side to toast. This step takes less than a minute.
- Remove and drain on paper towel. Repeat till your bread portion is done.
- Enjoy!

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!


  1. Looks yum! Can't wait to try. Meals for one are fun sometimes!

    1. absolutely, Adora! It's kind of my time to experiment on recipes too!


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