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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meal For 1 - Vegetarian Tom Yum Pasta

Lately I've been cooking a lot more of my lunches at home, especially when I have jewelry work to catch up on and can't meet my mum for lunch. The children hardly come home from school till after 3pm and so there's only one tummy to fill. Yes, mine!

I've decided that I would like to experiment with cooking (food that my family may not like to eat) since there's only myself to feed. And at the same time, making it as fuss free as possible so that I need not spend more than 20 minutes to prepare my lunch. Ley cheh (inconvenient) to cook for one, you say? Well, I think it's more ley cheh to get changed, blow my hair, put on some light make up, make sure the windows are closed, doggy's water is filled and head out to a nearby mall for lunch of which I'll get fried in the hot sun.

I plan to make this "Meal For 1" a series on the blog and I'm excited to share with you a quick fix fusion meal - al dente vegetarian tom yum pasta.

What you need :

- one portion sphaghetti (not in pic)
- 2 cloves of garlic, sliced
- a handful of golden enoki mushrooms (or any other kinds of mushrooms)
- 1 tomato, sliced into wedges
- a handful of coriander
- half a tablespoon of tom yum koong pre mix (you can use your preferred brand for this)
- 1 tablespoon of coconut cream (or you can substitute with cooking cream)
- 1/2 rice bowl of water

(Many of the ingredients above were pre-existing in my fridge so what better way to make use of them in my lunch before they expire!)

Method :

Cook the pasta in your usual way about 5 minutes before hand so that by the time the sauce is ready, lunch  will also be ready!

1) The garlic were lightly fried and set aside. I like mine to be added as a topping on the pasta which gives it some texture when I bite into it. Or you can just fry it together with the tom yum paste to cut down cooking time.

2) Using the same pan with leftover oil from frying garlic, add and stir fry the paste till fragrant. Followed by vegetables, coconut cream and water. Let it simmer for about half a minute.

3) Now that the sauce is ready, your pasta should be almost ready to be tossed together with the tom yum sauce.

4) Toss it well in the pan till the sauce is fully absorbed into the pasta.

5) Serve and enjoy!

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

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