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Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape

Earrings, one of the most popular choice of accessories for women because earrings help shape faces and is the closest accessory to wear that attracts attention to your face. Enhancing your facial features goes a long way and no matter how small a pair of earrings is, it does play a big part in accentuating your overall look.

Wearing earrings is also not about keeping up with the latest trends. Imagine having to wear a really glamorous pair of jewelry that is in vogue but doesn't compliment your style - that would probably be quite... disastrous. Therefore, it is important to match the earrings, with your outfits or occasions.

What's the right earrings for my face shape?

There are many earrings available in stores to suit every face shape. I have come across a few clients who tell me that there are certain earring designs I should avoid making for them because of their body frame. Factually, it should be the face shape that should determine the kind of earrings that suit you rather than your body frame. "Clothes maketh the man", not your face shapes.

With some knowledge I've learn along the way, here's a compilation to help you get the right earrings for your face shape, which will be useful to take note on your next shopping trip! But first of all, have you determined your face shape?

Image extracted HERE. You may also read the article in the link about determining your face shapes.
  Round Face
Avoid hoop styles. Go for long, clean-cut oblong designs which draw the eye downwards and help make your face look longer and narrower.
 Sample of earrings styles.

 Oval Face

You are truly blessed because you have the ideal face shape. Any style is good to try at your whims and fancies!
Try mismatched earrings for a playful look!
Heart-shaped face
Look for bold designs and shapes that are wide at the bottom and end several inches below your lobes.

Square-shaped face

Avoid rectangle or harsh-angle styles. Hoop and teardrop designs are a better bet as they help balance out the angular shape of your face.
Oblong shaped face (rectangular or long shaped) 

For elongated face, it is appropriate to wear short styled earrings or 3 dimensional stud earrings. You can wear round, square-shaped or triangular earrings, but do make sure that the triangle is with its wide side down. Avoid wearing flat or long dangling earrings.
When wearing statement or over sized dangly earrings, keep your outfit simple so that the earrings can help accentuate the beauty of your face and not vie for attention with your clothes. When in doubt, the safest pair of earrings to wear are medium sized stud ones - like a pair of man-made diamond earrings, solid metal or pearls. Nothing too loud but enough to make a subtle statement.

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Till the next post, have a blessed week!

Note : The above earrings styles are not available for sale. All photos belong to me.

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