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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[Recipe] Easy Peasy Breakfast - Chicken Mayo Sandwiches

It has not been very easy to prepare breakfast for my children. I used to repeat the same old bread and peanut butter or nutella spread everyday, thinking that my children liked those a lot, but I was wrong. Now they totally shun these spreads! All thanks to me, huh.

Now, our breakfast menu varies everyday though I still keep the bread a staple for our breakfasts. Waking up before 6am is already a difficult task and I don't want to be working too hard in the kitchen to prepare breakfasts. Other than the ham, luncheon meat, sausages, egg or tuna sandwiches, chicken mayo sandwiches has regularly been in our breakfast menu for some time now. This is because it's so easy to prepare and absolutely loved by my family.

Preparation time : 10-15 mins    4-5 servings

Ingredients :
2 pcs chicken breasts fillet
Mayonnaise (Japanese one is an ideal choice)
Salt and Pepper (optional)
Sesame oil (you can replace this with olive oil)

Method :
- To save time, boil the chicken fillet the night before. Slice it into thinner portions so that it doesn't take too long to cook the meat through. This would probably take 10-15 minutes.
- Once cooked, let the meat cool before chilling it in the fridge.
- Next morning, finely dice the meat before mixing it with the dressing.

- I've left the amount of mayo dressing, salt and pepper open as it will vary to individual tastes'. So please do a taste test before serving. For us, there's easily 2 tbsp of mayo and we love having it with loads of pepper! A little salt would also bring out the best in the chicken mayo flavor.
- Sesame oil is added for that subtle nutty flavor in each bite. Otherwise, olive oil would also do. Adding a little oil will not dry out the filling.
- Spread the mixture on the bread, topped with lettuce and enjoy this hearty breakfast meal!

Tips :
- If you have a few more minutes to spare in the morning, spread some butter on the bread and lightly toast it in the pan for an even tastier sandwich.
- You can also use the same versatile recipe for egg mayo sandwich or tuna mayo sandwich!
- Am sure there will be more than enough filling to make a sandwich for lunch so here's to savings too!

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  1. oooooh I love anything with mayo!! :) thanks for sharing this quick recipe! :p


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