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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Sights in Hokkaido, Japan

The family and I have just returned from a trip to Hokkaido, Japan. It was our first time stepping on Japan soil and also the first time the children and I experienced real snow.

We all had mixed feelings about the winter we were experiencing. The children were no doubt very happy to be jumping into the soft snow formed on the ground and having snowball fights. It was exceptionally beautiful and magical to look at, especially when you are having a hot cup of coffee indoors and watching the snow fall onto the ground. It was surreal. However, whenever we had to take a short hike at the park, or even along the roadside, it was hardly any fun as our eyes were mostly peeled on the ground. That's because the road can be slippery and we had to watch our footing. Wearing layers of clothings also hindered a lot of movement and this was not something we enjoyed.

Because of the inconvenience, I got pretty lazy to take out my camera to take photos. It would mean I have to take off my gloves each time I wanted to snap a photo and I wore the gloves back when I was done at each shoot because I didn't want to get bitten by frost! So I am thankful for my trusty iphone, that I had used to take photos throughout most of the trip. It has not disappointed me!

Here are some beautiful winter sights that caught my eye in Hokkaido. I hope you will enjoy viewing them, as much as we enjoyed being there.

Lake Toya, Hokkaido.

Ninja Village, Hokkaido

Ninja Village, Hokkaido

Taken with Olympus Pen.

Sapporo. Taken with Olympus Pen.

Otaru, Hokkaido

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

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