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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Perfect Tween Girl Gift

 Nope. I wasn't the "awesome mom" that presented her this gift. But I was the "awesome mom" who brought her there. :p
Thanks to Regina from mummymoo.com, who had so kindly gifted Megan her first manicure and pedicure session as her birthday present. You cannot imagine how thrilled she was to have this pampering session - minus the silent "ow ow ow" part when they pushed her cuticles down...
Photo taken from my daughter's instagram. It was her choice of color and design and I won't deny it looks really nice on her!
 To think my daughter has had a manicure experience at 11 years of age and her outdated mommy has not had one done before. But not that I am complaining since I don't really like the thought having chipped nails soon after because of daily chores, nor have people touching my toes.(I'm private like that.)
Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. How cute! Her nails turned out adorable and in time she won't say "ouch". =)

  2. Meg has the correct posture and attitude while being pampered. Inborn. :D

    Glad she enjoyed it despite the ow.ow.ow!! Women have sacrificed for the sake of beauty since time immemorial.


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