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Friday, May 3, 2013

What's In Your Bag?

Some men don't understand why some women carry big bags. We lug our large totes around like as though good enough for a day trip! Some women carry A LOT of stuff inside while others seem to carry a big bag to make a fashion statement with very little content in the bag. I am guilty of carrying more than one bag sometimes and keep a shopping bag within a bag. *And the men don't exactly get it.
 So what's in my bag, you ask? These are what I have!

Brown makeup pouch
which looks a tad old-lady looking. Ok need to upgrade my pouch. Only thing I like about it is its waterproof.

Dome voucher envelope
with the discount card still inside and 1 expired voucher. Almost 10 months old.

A box of Ricola sweets
Make that melted sweets. ewww.

Foldable starry shopping bag
Love it to bits.

Wet Wipes by Watsons
This one is a must have. Cos I can be OCD like that to my kids. :p

A shawl
in case I get too cold in a mall or if the hubs decide to catch a movie. It can keep 2 persons warm.

A bagful of beads
my friend's 8 year old daughter passed to me to help her repair her bracelet! Yikes! I totally forgot.

ONE cute panda leftover ang pow from CNY 2013 
with moolah inside! Wow, I'm $18 richer!

My green card wallet 
where every other discount cards are placed.

My brown wallet from Esprit
I'm still loving it!

A runaway 10 cent coin 
I found it deep in the corner of my bag. It finally saw the light of day.

My phone.
Not something I can leave home without!


How about you? What's it like in your bag? Are you the walking provision shop, the fashionista or a minimalist? Do you have things that should not be in your bag? Do you organize your items in your bag well? What are the must haves to bring out? Po chai pills? Sng buay? or *cough* hong yiu?

Take this opportunity to clean your bag up, discard them trash and take part in my linky party! Uncensored version is very much welcome.

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Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. my "bag" when i go out on my own now it just my hp and necessary cards (using a wallet phone cover). haha! but let me go dig my typical bag out with Nakayla and see what i can come up with!

  2. Expired voucher lol! My bag is an embarrassment.

  3. Haha...vouchers and red packet? Ok I think I am OCD compared to u :P Already my receipts I cannot tahan already...

    1. Rachel, receipts and such are in my wallet ah! hahaha!

  4. I definitely agree with "the men don't get it". My hubby used to wonder why I have so much stuff, and then when got a lot of gadgets then he realised HE needed a bag, so hopefully he understands!!


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