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Friday, November 2, 2012

[Food Review] The Night We Rendezvoused @ The Straits Cafe

We had a secondary school gathering last week and decided to meet without the families this time! What a refreshing change it was to socialize and catch up with REAL PEOPLE. It did me good - for the night. 

Anyway, for today's post, I'm sharing some photos of the food at the international buffet spread - The Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous Grand Hotel.  We were there on the eve of a public holiday. And boy, the place ran full house!

And you know what? I found out that as I grow older, I am unable to stomach so much food anymore. The photos you are about to see are only less than half of what was offered at the buffet which I managed to savor.

Great ambience! Cozy if you sit by the window bay. And nearest to the dessert table - if you know what I mean.

These were my first course. The cold platter! It was the first time I tried this unusual looking crab - spanner crab. Not really a crab person so I had problems digging the meat out. Spent too much time on it!
The sashimi was super yums and fresh! Loved it. And I had 3 large succulent oysters that night. An overdose for me. 

These large grilled prawns were a favorite amongst us.  I had 3 of these! Yummy! Definitely one of the highlights of the night.

Actually I was there before the crowd came in and saw this delectable macaroons! I tell ya, I've.not.had.one.in.my.life. Sad right? So I was really happy that I was finally going to try them. But alas, I guess I am not meant to eat this? By the time I was ready for dessert, it was gone and it never got replenished.

This was what saved the night! Durian pengat! Chilled, pungent and creamy - the perfect end to the night.
Can you imagine there were so much more food that I missed? I think, our mouths were too busy yakking.

3 missing in the picture! We never managed to fit in all of us in a photo at any one time anyway. haha! Thanks all for a wonderful night.

If you are game for a buffet anytime soon, you may wish to check out this establishment! Don't be fooled by my food pictures here! There are a lot more others like the roasted meats, Chinese cuisine, kebabs, local cuisines and other fresh seafood to savor!

Rendezvous Grand Hotel
9 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559
Reservation hotline: +65- 6335 ­1771 / 7

Buffet Lunch: 12:00 noon to 2:30pm
Monday - Saturday $39++

Buffet Dinner: 6:30pm to 10:00pm
Monday - Thursday $47++
Friday - Sunday $50++

** Disclaimer : I am in no way affiliated with the above establishment, nor compensated in any way. This is based solely on my dining experience. **

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. I can't finish so much food also! That's why we try to avoid buffets nowadays.. Boh Hwa! Haha

    1. Ya exactly! Bor hua! Go alone nevermind, if with children, even not worth to pay for them cos they'll only end up eating non-premium stuff. haha!

  2. The prawns looks fresh n fat! I want one NOW!
    I think they serve decent variety of food for the price they charge. Perhaps one day we will go n try it out ourselves.

    1. Yes Jen! The prawns really fat, juicy and sweet! Love it.

  3. oooh I remember my first lesson on buffet when I was a kid, "Don't take the rice!" hahahaha....

    1. hahaha! Ya it's true! We should also teach our children that. :p

  4. Whao..looks like you had a really big spread..must check out the place one of these days.

  5. Oh... Buffets! I love the sashimi and oysters but why no meat on your plate?!? :p


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