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Friday, August 24, 2012

Foodie Fridays - A not so healthy salad?

I don't usually have craving for our local rojak as compared to Penang style rojak. But strangely, I had one yesterday and lucky me, a nearby hawker stall across my block had just what I wanted to have for lunch!

 I asked for jiu-he (cuttlefish) and pi-dan (century egg) to be added into the the rojak for the extra kick I was willing to have yesterday. :p  Cost me 5 bucks. Of all the ingredients that went into this, my favorite are the you-char-kway (dough fritter) and mang kwang (turnip).

The rojak sauce was just nice - not too sweet nor too spicy to my liking, albeit I felt something was missing. I think there was a lack of the shredded red ginger plant bud and lime! Yes, I think lime would have made this dish more appetizing than it looks.

Do you like our local rojak? Where would be the best place to have them? Do share with me!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. I do like Rojak and there is this nice place at Clementi Central coffee shop behind the NTUC in the row of shophouses next to the carpark.

  2. I used to hate rojak, all thanks to my mum who at one time when I was young, bought it as breakfast every weekend :( I gradually like it back but eat you char kway, pineapple, cucumber & turnip. Will not eat or finish the whole thing with the sauce etc. Yours with the cuttlefish looks delicious though, buy n share abit with me next time ok?

    1. Actually it is a bit too much to have it as a meal alone. Rojak should be shared! Next time we shall have Penang food for our lunch meet. :)

  3. Century Eggs and You tiao is enuff to make me happy.

    Ayoh... the one which Dom mentioned (Brothers Rojak) always has a queue, but the rojak is like Phwoar!!

    I always go for the jiu he, you tiao and pineapples only. The fella also knows. $5 big box.


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